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Recommended Readings

Conifer Society: Quarterly Bulletin
Published since 1983, provided with membership $38/yr. Excellent articles on conifers plus educational events and garden tours across the USA. The ACS website contains a dynamic database of conifers that currently contains over 4500 records and over 1000 photos and is available to everyone for reference. Visit it today!

D.M. van Gelderen & J.R.P. van Hoey Smith
(Timber Press, 1996) Two volume set. This reference has very little text with outstanding color photos.

Hardy Trees and Shrubs
by Michael Dirr (Timber Press, 1997)
This reference is an excellent general plant reference.

Gardening with Conifers
by Adrian Bloom. Shows how conifers can be used to enhance gardens of any size and emphasizes their role in all seasons with practical tips of care for 650 cultivars listed.

Dwarf and Unusual Conifers Coming of Age
Cutler (Barton Bradley Crossroads Publishing, 1997) Great color photos of mature dwarf conifers at the US National Arboretum in Washington DC.

A Garden of Conifers
Obrizok (Capability Books, 1994) A cultivar checklist with some good photos of garden settings.

Growing Conifers: Four-Season Plants
(Brooklyn Botanic Garden Series: Thomas, Martin, Tripp, 1997) Practical handbook with good descriptions of trees and how to use them as focal points. Tips on culture plus control of pests and diseases.

Japanese Maples
Vertrees (Timber Press, 1978) A definitive study on Japanese maples with good color photos and accurate descriptions.

Manual of Cultivated Conifers
Krussman (Timber Press, 1985) Very technical and one of the most complete listings of conifer species.

Native and Cultivated Conifers of Northeastern North America
Cope (Cornell University Press, 1986) Useful checklist with black and white photos and line drawings.

The World Checklist of Conifers
by Humphrey Welch and Gordon Haddow (Landsman's Bookshop, Ltd., 1993) On behalf of the World Conifer Data Pool. A useful checklist for cultivar nomenclature.

Conifers for Gardens: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
by Richard Bitner (Timber Press, 2007) Great photographs, especially of many new varieties.

Encyclopedia of Conifers: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivars and Species, 2 volumes

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