Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc

Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc


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Monday - Saturday, 8am - 4:30pm. Closed Sunday.

Our final day will be Saturday, November 16th! Pizza @ Noon!

My whole life I had a special affinity for trees. As a child my family always worked together on projects and we were organic gardeners. In the mid-50's, Girard Nursery advertised in Organic Gardening Magazine. My Mom and Dad started ordering baby conifers from them for a small home nursery. It was my Mom's hobby where I did most of the work. Dad built large spec homes and we would landscape with the trees we bought. In 1958, I completed my first garden when I was 12 years old. That simple space and lannon stone wall still exist 61 years later.

Palm Sunday 1980. I ricocheted through Susie's life in Albuquerque and lured her with love into my complex web. She lovingly helped me care for my Grandparents into their 90's and my widowed Mom. 39 years ago Susie started helping me with my dreams. She is a superlative wife and partner. In 1987 we tore up the sod in all open parameters and started cleaning the weed trees off our 6 acre dream place on McConnell Road in Woodstock. Now 32+ years later we have decided to retire. A labor of love, Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery became a little more than we thought it could be. It gives us great joy and strong feelings of gratitude to all who helped us along our journey. Workers, associates, friends, and anyone who gave us a referral, we give thanks. We challenged ourselves with legacy in plants and to provide the gardening public with alternative choices for interesting plants in their gardens.

The other focus in our life was to provide help for others who had no voice. I will always be grateful for Heifer International for the feelings of self worth it gave me. My Mother headed the "Hostas for Heifer" initiative under our willow tree. She and her army of volunteers divided hostas and sold them to benefit Heifer. We donated all the proceeds to benefit various country endowments, especially Bolivia. When Heifer International concluded working in Bolivia, I must admit I was heartsick. About 15 years ago we connected with Mano a Mano International. It was started by a fellow Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia. Mano a Mano International is special, with 92% of donations spent on programs and 8% overhead, and is one of the best of all the charities we have experienced. We hope to continue our legacy to aid rural Bolivians through them to build hospitals, schools, roads, and reservoirs.

So by the end of November, our conifer path will become a retirement path in Albuquerque, where we bought a home and a small yard. We will continue our charity efforts and will still read the landscape looking for horticultural treasures.

Thanks to all. Rich